A Message From Oli


“It was mentioned I turned my back on the blues… no, I joined a new band. Is that the end of my blues career? No. Did I ever say that? No. Did I say I’m taking a hiatus from “Solo” Oli Brown right now as I put my focus in RavenEye? Yes, that does not mean game over for me, my solo career and blues? No!

In no way would I ever turn my back or disrespect everyone who has supported me in my music, I always looked at trying to write differently within the genre and now my path is leading me to explore different sounds! BroZan last year was one of those ventures and I loved it. Creating a two piece for me was a new lease of life and a whole different musical journey!

RavenEye was formed with full intention of making a wild Rock n Roll band that is a different style of music, which I love and fully believe in, with two guys I truly hold in the highest regard musically and as my friends. The name change was to also let you know that this is a different project and give you the opportunity to see it if you want to knowing you’d be in for something different.

The new journey is entirely towards what my heart is saying is the right thing musically for me. This isn’t some thoughtless shift with a blind desire of a different level of success, it’s a change because I feel the best thing for me to do as an artist is to be honest within myself and perform something honest to you.

So blues is always with me, will always be a part of the foundation of my writing and I’d never turn my back on the music that helped me become who I am today.

Screw the nay sayers, follow what you believe in.”

See what all the fuss is about when RavenEye tour in December!

Dec 07 The Musician, Leicester (Tickets)
Dec 08 The Bullingdon, Oxford (Tickets)
Dec 09 Fiddler’s Elbow, Camden (Tickets)
Dec 11 Talking Heads, Southampton (Tickets)
Dec 13 The Zed Music Café, Sevenoaks (Tickets)
Dec 15 The Waterfront, Norwich (Tickets)
Dec 16 The Louisiana, Bristol (Tickets)




  1. You are a breath of fresh air in music. I’m just an old guy who knows nothing about music except what I like. And I like your music. Nuff said. Blues, rock, whatever. It’s all about feelings anyway. Keep doing what your doing Oli. I will always be a fan what ever road you happen to be on or what ever direction you want to go. Keep it coming.

  2. Holy Shit, I have all your blues stuff and I will be getting all of Raveneye. Following an artist is about the journey he will take you on, not about one painting, it is about experiencing something new and making your world larger.

    I look forward to the journey.



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